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StrongNode is the future of the Node Infrastructure-as-a-Service model. We are the next generation of edge networking leveraging blockchain.


StrongNode Edge

Experience the Edge

Delivering Infrastructure-as-a-Service as an on-demand, secure, and scalable node technology fundamentally reshaping the future of how increasingly valuable compute resources are accessed and monetized.

StrongNode Edge has a Five-fold Advantage

Leverage Resources

Harvest and distribute CPU/GPU, bandwidth, and data storage on our global edge network

Automated Workflows

Developer Tools, Auto-scaling Infrastructure, APIs

Edge Networking

Self-sustaining take on Edge Computing that is leveraged on Blockchain


"Network Effect" for a consistent and quick-scaling solution

Innovation Lab

Social Impact, Gaming, and Technology Node Innovators grow our network through various adoption strategies

Edgier Than Your Classic Edge

StrongNode is creating a global last-mile mesh network by harnessing and sharing latent computing resources of node seeders to power companies around the world. These resources are the trifecta of CPU/GPU cycles, bandwidth, and storage harvested from desktop computers, laptops, and eventually smartphones, gaming consoles, and smart TVs from users on high-volume B2C and B2B platforms across homes and businesses.

CPU/GPU Cycles

Network Bandwidth

Data Storage

APIs and developer tools help process automated workflows on the edge infrastructure while our technology efficiently handles large-scale data, network bandwidth, control and management, latency, and security. 

Bringing to Life the Power of Edge-Computing with Blockchain

Blockchain and edge computing have an interdependent relationship. Blockchain offers transparency, immutability, and security while edge computing offers mechanisms for efficient data flows – all are key features crucial to the growth, scalability, and reliability of the network and the ecosystem.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service with an Edge

Creating a full on-demand secure and scalable infrastructure-as-a-service edge network utilized by a wide range of industries. Blockchain will be deployed at the edge servers to ensure real-time application and services as well as optimal use of compute resources. The convergence of blockchain and edge computing supports low latency, high-security, and privacy for data processing among shared devices.

StrongNode Edge is working towards being blockchain-agnostic

Cross-chain utility is important for many different reasons. Each blockchain offers benefits that StrongNode wants to maximize on speed, versatility, and scalability of the network. We will be rolling out to Polygon/Matic with different chains coming onboard as different strategies and use cases dictate.

Driving new economies from frictionless and finely tuned compute power

We maximize the idle resources and repurpose them on demand for a symbiotic relationship between node partners (providers) and node clients (users) to produce a “Network Effect”  and grow the ecosystem.

Node Enterprise

We orchestrate the value exchange between Enterprise CIOs and our StrongNode shared economy of edge compute node providers.

Node Innovators

We champion social impact initiatives and provide a platform to support their compute-intensive needs. In turn, these innovators accelerate our Node reach and adoption.

Node seeders

Individuals participate in a shared economy of compute resources that power a global edge network, and earn rewards for seeding the nodes that proliferate the reach of StrongNode.

Edge Node Innovators Lab

Our node innovators and node seeders monetize their idle computing resources, earn tokens, participate in, and manage rewards in this blockchain economy.

Original Gamer Life (OGLife)

OGLife is a Thriving-as-a-Service social impact ecosystem for gamers, open to everyone and serving people in High Stress Sectors and Underserved Groups who need help thriving the most. Built by gamers reclaiming the positive experiences and benefits of gaming with a community of friends and family, they carry the title of Original Gamers (OGs).

Gaming has the ability to heal and bring people together. Original Gamer Life gamifies wellness with tokenized reward systems incentivizing our users to get up, move out, and stay active.

$OGL tokenomics integrate directly into the $SNE economy and vice versa to further the ecosystem and network effect between Original Gamer Life and StrongNode.

Coming Soon

We have designed a compute infrastructure that dramatically expands both the utility and footprint of edge computing through the “network effect” of our innovation lab, and provides organizations in Medical, AI/Machine Learning, Telecom, and Gaming access to compute power that is transparent, automated, and can drive a new economy with its blockchain DNA.

Deploy StrongNode at the Edge

Running our software or applications on your idle devices does not need the installation of complicated software or difficult  settings and configurations. Payment schemes are flexible and affordable.

Unleashing the power of intersecting zero-waste edge and blockchain technologies together with innovations that drive a “network effect”  to meet critical organizational compute needs. StrongNodeEdge will help drive the future of our collective digital DNA. We incubate projects on the StrongNode platform that reinforces and expands our footprint to compound the value of the network. With our advancement of zero-waste Blockchain-enabled EoT (Edge-of-Things) or BEoT that is  blockchain-agnostic we are pioneering a new paradigm of digital connectivity.

StrongNode Edge $SNE

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We remind everyone to do your own research on any project. We do not provide financial advice.

StrongNode Edge $SNE Tokenomics

Our Team Brings the Experience of Recognizable Global Brands

Meet Our World Class StrongNode Edge Team

Daniel Saito

Daniel orchestrated the MySQL Database exit to Sun MicroSystems for $1B+ while previously growing SEGA and its globally growing node networks. He authored NTT Docomo R&D hardware, software, and node network protocol specifications for encrypted communications while launching 2 satellites to space after starting the 1st ISP in Tokyo in 1995. His work with NEWS Corp in security/encryption and 4G mobile was surpassed only by his MPEG4 spec work, and Emmy award received for TV node time shifting 2003. He continued to structure global power nodes for THETA, SETI, and Folding@home while working for Fortune 100 companies. His two exits at $1B+ now drives our StrongNode vision.

Colin Charles

Colin Charles co-founded MariaDB Server with its node networking and facilitated the MySQL $1B+ exit to Sun Microsystems and Oracle as an early employee. His system networking, node security, and data privacy work as a technical architect commenced 2000 and entailed working with The Fedora Project by Red Hat, MySQL, and projects. He has extensive advisory experience with startups in the blockchain space and has on the ground networks in multiple cities as he leads the life of a globalist.

Gil Bashan

Gil Bashan’s work over the last 15+ years has spanned across engineering, network operations, digital advertising, and product management, working with brands like L’Oreal, Barclays, 3M, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, and Allstate. Gil is a blockchain evangelist who believes that world problems can be solved with technology. The last 10 years at Adobe has taken him through IPO and then acquisition of TubeMogul Inc. by Adobe for $540M where he has managed engineering teams, driven the networking product roadmap, and the day-to-day of massive global server networks, processing incredible amounts of real-time data.

Craig Edelman

Corporate CFO Craig Edelman previously managed over $20B in global M&A at PwC before he oversaw $1+ billion in sales for leading consumer companies Mr. Coffee, Crock Pot, and The Clorox Corporation. He graduated from Wharton 1995 and Cornell Graduate School in 2000.

Carmen Campo

As LDJ Capital Director for Corporate Communications and Media Operations for almost 10 years, Carmen worked with over 300+ blockchain companies and clients. She has worked for and with global brands like Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Intertek, Levi’s, Marks & Spencer, JCPenney, Nordstrom, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Disney, McDonald’s, Forbes, Wall Street Journal. She is a media, communications, and social media marketing specialist for almost a decade with The Soho Loft Media Group and its sister holdings The Soho Loft Productions/Conferences, Victoria Global Communications, and Times Impact Publications.

Zivago Lee

Zivago has 20+ years of experience in node systems engineering and node network operations with his roles at SoftAware Networks Inc. (acquired by Digital Island for $438M), leading programs on datacenter buildouts for the 2008 Beijing Olympics with Ticketmaster and at Zynga (ZNGA). Zivago has recently been leading DevOps/SRE teams and is currently at SPIN Scooters, a Ford subsidiary, providing micromobility solutions.

Brandon Sivret

Retired US Air Force Major and Intelligence Officer Brandon Sivret is the General Manager for and a game developer. During two deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia, he served as an advisor to the NATO and Gulf partners in close coordination with the Office of Vice President Biden. Brandon serves as Executive Officer for a 5000 US Military gaming community – – where he often games with both his parents. An interview of them airs in the new #DieHardBirdie documentary Fall 2021.

Kim Salzer

She was the Director of Product Marketing for Electronic Arts (EA), the VP Global Brand Management for Activision having launched Call of Duty, and the General Manager for to name a few. Kim brings over 25 years of global marketing expertise.

Evan Kubes

Evan Kubes is the President of Rumble Gaming and co-founder of MKM Group, recognized as Canada’s first and one of the world’s most influential law firms dedicated to esports and content creators. Evan is considered a thought leader in the industry, often featured in publications like Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, and Global News. He has also been recognized as a top influencer manager and esports agent by Business Insider.

Robert Hantman

Founding partner of Hantman & Associates, Mr. Hantman specializes in civil-commercial – including FINRA and SEC matters – and selective criminal litigation. He has served as counsel to both public and private companies and was outside counsel to the Colombian Consulate for over 14 years. Mr. Hantman has successfully handled countless high-profile cases, including lawsuits involving Montel Williams, the New York Yankees (jury verdict of over $1 million dollars), Steven Seagal, Trump Model Management, Rick Ross, Fabio, Next, Ford Model Management, Next, DNA, Magic Johnson, One West, Don King Productions, Rampage Jackson, Vladimir Klitsko, Shelly Finkel, “Snooki”, Gary Shaw, Danny De Vito, Anna Nicole Smith, Pro Elite, Lighthouse Financial Group, John Thomas Financial, and many others.

Rafael Angelo Padilla

Rafael Padilla is a commercial lawyer who specializes in financial technology, crypto assets, and blockchain. He works with many of the blockchain projects and financial technology startups in the Philippines and the Asia Pacific, serving their legal, regulatory, and compliance requirements. He is also a special consultant of the Aurora Pacific Economic Zone Authority (APECO) on financial technology and digital assets. He co-founded the Blockchain Association of the Philippines (2018), a non-profit group that represents the interests of the local blockchain community, and the Fintech Philippines Association (2017). In 2019, he co-founded Block Devs Asia, Inc., a professional association of blockchain developers. He authored the book “Fintech: Law & First Principles” published by Rex Publishing in 2020.

Explore the Network of StrongNode Edge Advisors

Craig Sellars

Craig Sellars leads the development of global blockchain innovations as the inventor of the stablecoin, the digital US dollar on top of the Bitcoin blockchain as a founder of Tether, the world’s most broadly traded cryptocurrency (now acting as an informal advisor since his departure in 2016) and as the Chief Technologist of Bitcoin’s Omni Layer, a protocol which supports the creation, movement and exchange of digital assets. His current development focus is on the creation of open-source decentralized identity protocols and applications.

Rika Nakazawa

Rika has worked internationally for over two decades in senior executive roles on strategy, business development, and marketing with Fortune 500 companies – NVIDIA, Sony, Accenture, American Express – and Silicon Valley startups. She is a technology industry veteran and has served on multiple venture boards in next-generation computing and artificial intelligence ecosystems. senior leader, entrepreneur, investor, and frequent public speaker on technology-powered business transformation. Currently, she is the CEO and Founder of BoardSeatMeet, Inc. a Silicon Valley, social impact venture, focusing on diversifying the board room, and is also Vice President and Client Partner at Conduent, a $4B revenue global BPO provider to Fortune 100 companies. Rika Nakazawa grew up in Japan and moved to the US initially to attend Princeton University and is trilingual in Japanese, German, and English.
Advisory 2

Manmeet Singh

As Vice-Chairman of Cardano Foundation and Blockchain Europe, Manmeet is a beacon in the blockchain industry. On both fronts and as Managing Partner of Blockseed Ventures Ltd, Manmeet is a renowned prime mover and builder of the decentralized economy, mentoring and investing in teams and businesses that define the adoption and advancement of blockchain applications and technologies. Manmeet brings cultural sensitivity and business wisdom to the team based on his decades of experience in finance, education, investment, and mentoring businesses getting into China and Asian as well as European markets.
Advisory 4

Eliza Hayashi

Eliza has more than 10 years diverse leading management professional experiences in the Financial Services / Technology industry. At MasterCard, she worked as a program manager in charge of loyalty (Japan/ China/ Australia) and as a marketing manager in charge of sponsorship and digital marketing. At JCB, a top 1 market share credit card company in Japan, she had a rich working experience in business development for the Japan market (B2B, B2C) and overseas (North America and Middle East – B2B)

Diederik Van DerReijt

Diederik is an entrepreneur and investor with over 18 years experience in finance and start ups. He has invested in over 25 companies with several successful exits. Diederik has successfully raised for public and private companies in a wide range of sectors including sustainable water solutions, technology platforms, security, wearables, consumer devices, and cannabis. He has a focus on maintaining high Environmental, Social and Governance standards in the portfolio companies he invests in. Diederik is a passionate advisor and mentor to young entrepreneurs. He has Built his global network by living on 5 different continents over the last 20 years. He supports philanthropic causes including cancer research and access to the arts for children. Previously 2007, he IPO’d Varengold Bank AG and ran it as Germany’s youngest bank CEO. Its offices were in London, Dubai and Hong Kong. Today he launches Aqua Digital Rising, a data analytics company, focused on trading the value of athletes and celebrities.

Natalia Sokolova

Natalia brings over 15 years of entrepreneur experience and strong strategic relationships in both domestic and international arenas. She is a second generation Single Family Office. Her family office was founded in early 90s, with a primary focus in Oil & Gas in Europe and Russia. Ms. Sokolova founded SGG World LLC (Strategic Guidance Group) in 2006. She is very active in the family office world and in 2018 Natalia entered the world of gaming and esports and in 2019 together with the founder of WHAM Gary Kleinman, Natalia founded – a platform dedicated to the lifestyle and wellness of gamers.

StrongNode Edge Partners and Service Partners

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About StrongNode Edge

What is Nodes-as-a-Service?

Cloud-based blockchain service is needed to facilitate launch on wallets, DApps, explorers or smart contracts. Node service providers run distributed node clients behind the scenes. Typically, they provide an API key that can be used to write to and read from the blockchain. The main benefit of using a node service is to save you time and energy. They manage the nodes so you don’t have to handle it yourself—allowing you to focus on your product rather than worry about infrastructure maintenance.

What is Edge Computing?

Edge computing is a distributed compute architecture which provides an infrastructure for blockchain nodes to store and verify transactions.

What is Peer-to-Peer Blockchain Network Structure?

Peer-to-Peer Network, commonly known as P2P, is a decentralized network communications model that consists of a group of devices (nodes) that collectively store and share files where each node acts as an individual peer. In this network, P2P communication is done without any central administration or server, which means all nodes have equal power and perform the same tasks.

P2P architecture is suitable for various use cases and can be categorized into structured, unstructured, and hybrid peer-to-peer networks. The unstructured peer-to-peer networks are formed by nodes randomly from connection to each other, but they are inefficient than structured ones. In structured peer-to-peer systems, the nodes are organized, and every node can efficiently search the network for the desired data. Hybrid models are actually a combination of P2P and client-server models, and when compared to the structured and unstructured P2P systems, these networks tend to present improved overall performance.

Today, P2P networks are the foundation of most of the cryptocurrencies, thus making up a significant portion of the blockchain industry.

What is StrongNode? What are its Features?

StrongNodeEdge Technology is the future of edge networking leveraging blockchain. The technology focuses on solving inefficiencies by moving the processing of data closer to the edge, towards the end-users. We are delivering an on-demand, secure, and scalable node technology that will fundamentally reshape the future of how increasingly valuable compute resources are accessed and monetized. Although there are other companies that have node-as-a-service business models and technology, nobody does it like StrongNode.

What are the Practical Applications of StrongNode?

StrongNode NaaS technology have applications in hypergrowth industries such as, but not limited to:

  • AI
  • Machine Learning
  • Gaming
  • Telecommunications
  • Medical Industry

What are the Problems Being Solved by StrongNode Edge?

StrongNode is an edge networking technology leveraging on blockchain that moves the processing of data closer to the edge, towards the users, to solve proximity and latency issues found in most centralized and in some decentralized networks.

StrongNode’s on-demand, secure, and scalable node technology will fundamentally reshape the future of how increasingly valuable compute resources are accessed and monetized.

We are a Node-as-a-Service software venture and innovation lab that powers the next generation of edge computing by uniquely harvesting a trifecta of untapped compute resources: network bandwidth, CPU/GPU, and data storage, to solve expensive and complicated network issues.

The StrongNode Roadmap Pushes the Edge Even Further

Q2 2021


Q3 2021


Q4 2021


Q2 2022


Q3 2022


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